Soundstage 1

6309 Eleanor Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038
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If you are looking for a Los Angeles soundstage rental, then Soundstage 1 is the largest of our soundstages with 5,500 sq. ft. of shooting space and a permanent 3-wall cyclorama. This stage offers three production offices, three makeup/wardrobe rooms, two celebrity green rooms, one with private bath and separate dedicated wardrobe room, 4K on set monitoring, lounge, silent air-conditioning, full kitchen, and private VIP interior parking garage.

All of our production spaces are fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of your project.

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Details and Specs

  • 5,500 sq. ft.
  • Cyclorama: 3 Wall 50’x50’x50’
  • Power: 1800 Amps, Three Phase
  • Silent Air-Conditioning
  • Basic Grip Package
  • 2 Celebrity Green Rooms
  • 3 Production Offices
  • 3 Makeup & Dressing Rooms
  • 4K Set Monitoring
  • Lounge
  • Full Kitchen
  • 250 Up/Down Internet
  • VIP Interior Parking & On-site Parking
Get a custom price quote within 15 minutes

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