BLT Studios and Soundstages offers state-of-the-art amenities including production offices, green rooms with private restrooms, private VIP parking, lighting and grip packages. 

Located in the middle of Hollywood, BLT Studios and Soundstages offer 4 stages, each fully-equipped with a 3-wall cyc and a new dedicated photo and content studio.

Our campus, spanning over 30,000 square feet is ready to tackle practically any project, making BLT Studios and Soundstages your own personal Hollywood lot right in the heart of Los Angeles.

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Our complete list of amenities includes, but is not limited to:

Silent Air Conditioning

250mbps Up/Down Fiber Optic Internet 

Complimentary Basic Grip Packages


Lounges With 4K Live Feed Monitors

Green Rooms w/ Private Restrooms

Full Kitchens

Hair and Makeup Rooms

Private VIP Parking

Ample Cast & Crew Parking

Production Offices


Lounges and Break Areas

Control Rooms

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BLT Soundstages