Studio 5

6311 Romaine Street, Suite 7310. Hollywood, CA 90038
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Studio 5 is our newest addition and a space for Content, Video and a Photo Studio Rental in Los Angeles with 1,425 sq. ft. of shooting area. This stage includes a client lounge on the stage, a makeup/wardrobe area in the upper mezzanine, a dressing area, air-conditioning, parking, basic grip package and an additional lounge upstairs.

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Details and Specs

  • 1,425 sq. ft. Shooting Space
  • 10 Hour Rental
  • Power: 70 Amps, Single Phase
  • Air Conditioning
  • 300Mb Up/Down Internet
  • Site Rep
  • Basic Grip Package
  • 5 Parking Spaces
  • Hair & Makeup Roomw/lounge
  • Dressing Area
  • Lounge on Stage
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Staff Workstation
  • Coffee Station
  • Stocked Mini-fridge
  • Seamless Paper (Not guaranteed. Check for availability, and colors)
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