Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Mission Statement

Here at BLT Studios, we take the health and safety of all our clients, collaborators and crews extremely seriously. We remain committed to doing our partto slow the spread ofthe virus while keeping our staff and clients as safe as possible by following the most current guidelines and protocols from state, local and motion picture industry authorities

We continue to closely monitor reliable sources for new information and active developments and believe that by remaining diligent and focused on our established protocols, we can keep us all safe and continue to provide the creative spaces and services that you’ve come to expect.

What We Do

  • Pre-hung UVC disinfecting lamps on all stages for nightly disinfection
  • Portable UVC lamps for disinfecting specific areas
  • Daily disinfecting of all ancillary rooms
  • Periodic daily sanitizing of all high-touch areas
  • Hand sanitizing stations on all stages
  • Touch-free restroom facilities
  • BLT rental gear sanitized before being released
  • PPE equipment and supplies available
  • Ancillary rooms are clearly marked for maximum occcupancy
  • Covid-19 signage and protocols conspicuously posted on all stages
  • Daily temperature and wellness checks for all BLT employees
  • BLT employees capable of working from home are doing so

What You Can Do (suggestions)

  • Send a digital copy of “Reopening Protocolfor Film Production: Appendix J”to your cast and crew prior to the start of your production (included with our contract)
  • Use digital paperwork whenever possible
  • Daily screening station for cast and crew with temperature checks and Covid-19 questionaire required for entry to facility
  • Separate employees and work stations with 6 feet of distance whenever possible
  • All off-camera personnel should wear a face mask at alltimes within facility
  • Discourage sharing oftools and equipment
  • Consider staggering calltimes based on departments when possible
  • Only essential personnel should be on or near the set at any time
  • Consider minimizing number of on-set agency and clients by using video streaming
  • Consider a Covid-19 Compliance Officer for large multi-day productions

What Your Departments Can Do (suggestions)

General Crew (suggestions)

  • Consider individual walkie-talkies to minimize face to face conversations
  • All equipment,tools and supplies should be sanitized prior to shoot and periodically thereafter
  • Departments may only touch their own items whenever possible
  • Encourage frequent hand-washings by all
  • Encourage social-distancing whenever possible

Camera and Sound

  • Encourage equipment sanitizing before being handed off
  • Encourage social-distancing to the extent possible
  • Consider boom-mics whenever possible
  • Crew notimmediately needed should remain to themselves
  • Workstations should be 6 feet apart whenever possible

What Your Departments Can Do (suggestions)

Hair Makeup & Wardrobe

  • Consider having talent do their own hair and makeup whenever possible
  • Hands must be washed and alltools must be sanitized for each and every talent
  • Hair, Makeup and Stylists must wear both face-masks and face shields while working on talent
  • No talking when talentis without a face-mask

Catering and Craft Services

  • Meals should be individually wrapped with no crew self-service
  • Consider staggered lunch times with spacious tables and strict social distancing
  • No eating or drinking on setto discourage masks being removed
  • No buffets allowed and no communalfood or drink service
  • Craft service items should be individually wrapped and single serve only